Portugal: reasons why it is considered a privileged country

Portugal is often quoted as an excellent alternative for multinational companies, entrepreneurs, professionals, and families.

The country is part of European Union – EU, an economic and political union between 27 European countries which has delivered more than half a century of peace, stability, and prosperity.

If you have a resident permit of one of the EU countries, you can move freely throughout almost the entire continent, because border control has been abolished between the EU countries. Besides, each member country is required to treat EU citizens exactly like their own.

Portugal’s attractiveness is due to several characteristics, including:

(a) investments in European Union, in Portuguese-speaking countries and other development areas.

(b) Nearshoring (this model allows companies to transfer part of the business to lower risks places due to labor legislation similarities, time zone, and geographical distance) and other high-value services.

(c) Relocation for entrepreneurs and families.

(d) Extensive International Agreements network.

(e) European Legislation which enables judicial security and stability to business environment.

(f) Attractive tax package.

(g) Excellent quality of life in a safe multicultural environment.

Portugal has been kept as one of the main destinations for professionals, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, family businesses, and so forth, due to above-mentioned characteristics, especially for permanent or secondary residence, real estate investment, premium tourism, venture capital contribution to innovation and technology development, in addition to a European Union, African and South Atlantic hub area.

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