• Incorporation of companies in Brazil, with domestic and foreign members.
  • Preparation of corporate acts in general, such as Minutes of Members’ Meetings, Articles of Incorporation and amendments, Minutes of the Annual and Special Shareholders’ Meeting, merger, conversion, spin-off and consolidation of companies, dropdown of assets, as well as coordinating the registration of these corporate acts before the appropriate agencies.
  • Structuring corporate operations involving the dissolution and creation of companies, or even the change of address, including the tax analysis of the operation, the necessary licenses for the company to operate and coordination of all professionals involved, with the opening of branches if necessary, so that there is no interruption in business activities.
  • Corporate auditing and preparation of a report with the current company situation, items to be put in order, recommendations for improvements and organization of all corporate actions..
  • Drawing up agreements in general, such as: memorandum of understandings, confidentiality agreements, letters of intent, sale of assets, purchase and sale of quotas/shares, investment agreements, subscription and quotaholders/shareholders agreements, stock or quota purchase option plans and individual agreements, as well as formation of joint ventures in Brazil.
  • Legal opinions on the most diverse corporate issues, such as directors’ responsibility, dividends and interest on shareholders’ equity, publication of financial statements, as well as on corporate governance and corporate disputes issues.
  • Advice on inheritance estate planning.


  • We separate routine work from strategic work. Routine work follows a pattern and is done with attention to detail, to avoid any demands from public agencies. Strategic work is different. There are no templates to be followed, each person and each business is unique and deserve to be treated as such. We help clients by presenting possible alternatives for business viability, always with creativity and legal security.
  • We always involve the firm’s tax department in analysis because we care about our client’s pocket.
  • We value simplifying the complex at all stages.
  • We work in total harmony with the other professionals involved, including accountants and paralegals, among others, coordinating everyone so that client deals with a single person.

Roberto Cunha