Our Manifesto

Everything we do is to find intelligent solutions for the client

Client: We believe in the concept of “Client-centrism”, everything we do is to find intelligent solutions for the client. The firm exists for the client and depends on the client. Either we go the extra mile or we do not take it on!

Unity: What we do together, we finish together. We share our success and do not abandon those of us who fail.

Maturity: We are all grown adults. We act according to it and expect the same from the people around us.

Transparency: We do not keep secrets. Information that affects all of us will be shared with all of us and we will quickly and openly work to separate facts from perceptions.

Truth: We do not lie to ourselves nor to anyone on the team. None of us will tolerate acting this way. We depend on each other for the truth.

Coherence: We keep our word. We will be explicit and we will do what we say. We believe that the words of others will also be true.

Emotional control: We will not lose control. The client should find in us a firm rock! A lifeboat. We will not panic in difficult times (and they always come). We will always choose to face tough situations and never wash our hands off them.

Compassion: We will take care of each other. We truly believe that a tenacious team can change the world. We know that the firm is doing well, if you are doing well. We care about your balance.

Quality and Efficiency: We seek the highest standard of quality in everything we do, from a simple legal instrument, to the most complex strategy, everything will be very well done, as simply and directly as possible.

Innovation: “This has always been done like this,” is not something you will hear from our team. We are going to change the way legal services are provided. We do not ‘settle for less’ in business!

Roberto Cunha