• Advice on advisory issues concerning the new ways of hiring, with the elaboration and review of work contracts, service contracts, services to third parties contracts, etc. Complete Legal support for the hiring and dismissing of executives, managers and technicians, as well as change of position, workplace in the country or abroad and advisory on the hiring of foreigners to work in Brazil;
  • Elaboration of commission policies for selling teams, sales incentive plans, variable compensation plans and benefits in general, besides the creation of Stock Options plans;
  • Managing and mitigation of risks due to labor effects of corporate restructuring, as well as labor due diligence;
  • Advisory on negotiations with Unions, with the objective of Profit and Participation Program, overtime negotiations, specific rights regulation, accommodation of different benefit packages between teams, etc.
  • Representation in legal litigations in all instances of the Labor Courts, as well as in labor relations mediation and administrative procedures before the Labor Public Ministry.
  • Structuring of productivity participation policies in innovation for startups and innovative companies.


  • We act in labor & employment matters, advising to meet strategic cases as well as daily needs in workforce management. We work with balanced fee proposals in favor of the clients´ budgets.
  • Responses to formulated queries are always objective with a focus on the essential, building solutions on individuals and collective work relations with the support of our tax and contract areas, delivering a complete response.
  • On labor & employment litigation aims to reduce the involved contingency value, but, essentially, on the identification and measuring of work routines or managing practices that may potentially cause future labor lawsuits.

Roberto Cunha