• Drafting, reviewing and negotiation of agreements for the purchase and sale of rural properties, especially from the foreign investor's point of view, taking care of the legal restrictions.
  • Rural lease agreements and rural partnership.
  • Property regularization (land, constructions, purposes, etc.) and its follow-up before cadastral (City Hall, INCRA, SPU, etc.) and registry (Real Estate Registry Office) bodies.
  • Draft, follow-up and registration of “usucapião” (real estate acquisition form), inventory and extrajudicial divorce proceedings that take place before real estate notaries and real estate registries offices.
  • Purchase of urban land in all its modalities and real estate due diligence aligned with the most recent legislation and jurisprudence, warning of risks.
  • Optimization and execution of structures in the corporate modalities (“SPEs”, Partners Agreement, “SCPs” etc.) or contractual real estate modalities (mentioned above) with the ideal legal formatting of real estate enterprises with creative solutions involving the whole law office with the three main areas of expertise (tax, corporate and real estate).
  • Land area rectification and/or land area unification.
  • Registration of Real Estate Incorporation, with the draft of condominium memorial and draft of the condominium convention and standard contract of sale of the future real estate / Institution and specification of condominium.
  • Registration of allotment / subdivision, with the draft of descriptive memorial, residents' association, sale and purchase standard agreement, etc.
  • Lease agreements (residential, commercial etc.) and their registration (preference clause and validity clause) and guarantees.
  • Building contracts (civil construction), management, built to suit, among others. built to suit, entre outros.
  • Sale of company’s real estate properties.


  • We always involve the firm's tax department in analysis because we care about our client's pocket.
  • We help our clients run a business viability study of legal solutions.
  • We talk to the parties involved in the operation, and we prepare or negotiate the agreements (purchase and sale of properties, lease agreements, construction etc.).
  • We manage the other professionals involved in the enterprise, such as clearing agents, engineers, and others.
  • We do not shy away from giving a concrete opinion to the client about the security (or otherwise) of the business.
  • We go the extra mile with the client: we only deliver the finished work! Either we deliver the registration with the records of the purchase and sale, development and institution of condominium, allotment, lease, lease guarantees, etc., or we do not finish our work.

Roberto Cunha